God is LOVE

God is LOVE, that’s it. If you refuse to sing at my funeral because I didn’t shun all others and exclusive myself with you then you can go *expletive* yourself; If you expect me to believe that Love would punish someone, who didn’t know it, for not loving it when even I, who have less morality, find that deplorable then go *expletive* a goat; if you think that God is so sadistic as to make death his “will”, or is so impotent as to use suffering and death to bring about his will, then you need to just *expletive* *expletive* *expletive*. God is LOVE and anything outside of that is not God; its evil. Please please please, don’t stretch your imagination to somehow marry evil with good and make them live in perfect harmony and when it doesn’t work shame us into acceptance by telling us how little our minds are in comparison to God and that there are just somethings we can’t understand (true, but c.o.m.p.l.e.t.e.l.y wrong context) . So please stop all this BS kuti, “it’s the will of God”; “God loved them more” when someone dies. It’s NOT the will of God, God didn’t create us to die. Something went very wrong, and God is trying to fix it so he finds any death just as deplorable. What do you mean “…loved them more”? Ife tikukhala pansi pano does he love us less? And even if I subscribed to the idea of people being directly teleported to heaven or hell at their passing, instead of RIPing till judgment, I do not believe God is so impotent as to need someone to be right next to him in order for him to love them when he is able to come down here, or that he is so selfish as to deny a child their parent, and a parent their very reason for breathing, just because of his own selfish love for that person. “Don’t cry….” It’s insulting to the griever; don’t say it just to fill the quiet void and make yourself feel better about your own impotence at comforting. Death/Illness/An amputated leg/Natural disasters-anything destructive- is !TRAGIC! There is no comfort for it. Let a person g.r.i.e.v.e. Hold their hand; bake them a cake; but Lawrd knows don’t guilt them into curbing their tears just cause it makes YOU feel better. They may stop the faucet to appease you but all it means is they have one less person to share their truest feelings with.

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