♫I Kissed a Girl ‘n’ I Liked I—It♫

A few days ago I was narrating to a friend about how my introduction to kissing was with a female. My exact words were, “my 1st kiss was with a girl and i’ve spent years trying to emulate the deliciousness of that kiss-and ive failed miserably”. *Now, I must explain that I have the awesomest, open-mindedest friends set of friends on the planet.* She immediately went into overdrive about how people like what they like, and I should embrace it (i.e. I should stop trying to force myself to like kissing boys-it’s ‘men’ at my age, isn’t it?). But I quickly explained to her that there’s  no need to put up the rainbow flag yet. “It’s not the ‘girl’ factor.”

I know it’s not the ‘girl’ factor because 1)I don’t like to be in denial and 2)I have a fetish for looking at people’s mouths when they talk-especially if/when having those deep and intimate conversations. I’ve looked at all my girl friends mouths and I seriously don’t want to kiss any of them. Not that I don’t think they are ‘beautiful’ on the contrary I think the philosophy of aestheticism is an ode to the female form, like a rose-but I don’t want to shag that either; kiss! Kiss! we are talking about k.i.s.s.i.n.g. I just don’t think their lips are built for kissing mine. On the flip side, I think I’d just about kiss every boy friend of mine. When I look at their lips, I think I could kiss those lips (but then my natural constitution that renders me completely unattracted to, and unequipped for, random debauchery must get in the way).

But it has got me to thinking; if the ‘girl’ is not the factor, what is? I used to take it for granted that all kisses are that amazing- like a girl who has an orgasm the first time she shags; she has no idea this is a p.h.e.n.o.m.e.n.o.n. So by the time my friends were telling me about their first kisses, I was already, beenthereanddonethat-ed but I couldn’t relate when they would say how “sloppy” it was or that he put his tongue in their mouth “ew”. So I was embarrassed, not only because of the awkward factor that my first time was with a girl, but also because I liked it. I felt, it must mean I am promiscuous if all my virtuous friends are repelled by this sensation which I find nothing short of heavenly. Doesn’t answer the question about the ‘wow factor’ though, does it?

I love kissing, and I am obsessed with kissing. Don’t think I’ve had like b.a.d kissing experiences…at least, not ‘mostly’; they just haven’t lived up to my first time.  ♪I’m just/ speaking from experi-e-ence/ Nothing can compare to your first-♪ Once I find the wow kiss I’ll write a post about my various kissing experiences.

But until then, just cause I kissed a girl and liked it doesnt mean I like to kiss girls. 

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