Self Help

I’ve been thoroughly and morbidly depressed over the past few days- climaxing yesterday. I’ve been under house arrest since last Friday. Saturday and Sunday were okay because I, generally, stay home all day  Saturday regardless, and then Sunday is alright too cause whenever I get to not work on a Sunday I feel like I’ve been given a new lease on life…so it should work the same way if I get Mon-Wed off right? *yup, you guesses it* wwwwwrrrrrrrroooooooooooonnnnnnngggggggg!!

The past few days I have felt like I am in a prison. Now, I generally like my own company-not to say I prefer it to other people’s but I’m okay with throwing my words against the wall and hearing them echo back to me. In fact if I had any testicular fortitude to speak of I would indulge in  a little Malawi gold since a friend once told me that once, after partaking of the elixir, they felt themselves separate into three and this just seems like any modern thinker’s wet dream. I would now have somebody to blame for all the dumbass shit I do like being into bastards, and I wouldn’t feel like such a loser if I spoilt myself on Valentine’s.

But alas, there is no need to get into all that because sniffing a joint, for me, ‘will remain but a fleeting illusion, to be pursued, but never attained’.

Also, I’ve been listening to Bob Marley, and of course Lively Up Yourself had to come on and I completely subscribe to this notion. As in, I believe in it, and that it works…but I can’t do it. This is one of the reason’s I could never take on any vocation that prerequisites doing what you preach. That, and my exceptional ability to think of a suitable song lyric to any situation faster than I can think of a suitable verse to the same situation.

I am grateful for my natural propensity to cheerfulness because if I had to actually ‘work’ for it, I would be stuck to morbid like glue- like you know how some are naturally clever while some have to have a strong work ethic?-I have no work ethic when it comes to livelying up myself. I believe in self help books, lawrd knows even the ‘Lord helps those who help themselves’. I know all the slogans and completely dig them but *huffs shoulders* I have no energy to act.

Anyway, because I have a creeping suspicion that I might be bipolar, or because I go back to work tomorrow, I am all chipper, and because I am all chipper and lack tact, there will be an overload of posts on this blog today.

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