Fate versus Planning

If you read my second from last post before this, you will see that I was all psyched to write a million posts today  (I am writing this today in real time-which is yesterday in blog-posted time) and then I was distracted by a little lesson I had to learn.

Upon refreshing a page I was on-most likely Facebook– instead of awesome navy blue there’s a dull, red “KB bank was exceeded” aka ‘whatever the hell that means’.

Fate. Fate versus Planning. Planning is when you pay for your internet for 3 months in advance. Fate is when the subscription ends while you are on holiday (internet being your number one source of entertainment) and have no way of renewing it until the next day. Planning is when you have a dongo- a portable internet device- in case of such emergencies. Fate is when your dongo does not have any credit on it. Planning is when you have the number of the credit provider on speed dial. Fate is when, for the first time ever, the credit provider has run out of credit. So then you plan on talking fate’s language and keep refreshing the page, every hour ‘on’ the hour hoping that fate’s kickass twin, luck, might just step in and show you some love. But it seems luck has ran out.

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