It’s the little things…

It’s my friend, whose family owns a farm, bringing me homemade honey that she harvested and processed herself. It’s her putting it in a jar that used to contain Chinese sauce, just because I am tending towards Chinese cuisine lately.

It’s my wife bringing me a cupcake on Valentine’s Day even though we aint hang in a minute

It’s my siblings calling me at the oddest, loneliest hours, when I wouldn’t expect a call from anybody on Earth, just to talk

It’s a friend calling just to say hi –I get these like once every two thousand years so they mean the world to me. To be honest, I am anxious throughout the whole conversation because I keep waiting for them to get to the point, but when they hang up and I realise that the point really was just to say hi, I am filled with warm fuzziness.

It’s my friend offering to be my very own private barber-for free, and it’s this barber inviting me to stay for dinner and offering to give me a ride home, when I decline because my driver has to knockoff, because he really wants me to stay. It’s him making oven roasted potatoes sprinkled with cheese just because I, offhandedly, said I had a cheese craving before I was even invited to dinner.

It’s writing a status on facebook about having a chocolate craving and a friend, who is in the 1st world, asking for my 3rd world address and sending me dem chocolates. And it’s another friend getting me chocolate cake twice in a row because I have statused about chocolate cake craving twice in a row. To the point that now, I don’t status about chocolate cravings any more because I know someone will take me up on it and I feel embarrassed-but warm and fuzzy, at the same time, for the love.

It’s imposing my friend and myself on my Puppy Love for lunch, and him catering to our every whim, in the middle of which he puts a side plate beside my plate and I don’t really look at it but all the while we are talking about my favourite chillies, and when I finally look at the side plate, there they are: my favourite chillies! It’s him ‘trying’ even though his natural propensity is towards bastardism than gentlemanliness-and I say this with the utmost love and respect for him.

It’s random picnics on sunny days with awesome friends. It’s sunny day picnics suddenly turning into soaking wet afternoons and giggles.

It’s communion of Saturday brunch with my relatives who live in the city. It’s everyone bringing what they are able to provide and make and just forgetting about stress and uniting as a family in a great big city away from ‘home’.

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