Political Correctness

Don’t know whether to laugh or to cry. What’s your reaction when you see this?


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2 Responses to Political Correctness

  1. gnomevomit says:

    haha, “innocence is sexier than you think” wtf?…you should make it a link though, that was way too much work copy and pasting, now I have to rest the remainder of the day

    • boobsetal says:

      gnomevomit (awesome name; like the silent “g”), and the aged say “look what the world is coming to?” (http://crabbyoldfart.wordpress.com/about/)
      honestly thought it would be a link when I did that *sigh* FB is so much simpler. Living in the 3rd world means I would have to rest a whole month, if I were to surf wordpress learning all the intricacies of blogging. But ♪…for you I will♪. Please check back in a week.

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