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Just Another Parking Lot Experience

The fact that he parked too close to my car and didn’t bother to re-adjust his parking was…weird in a ‘shit-happens’ sort of way. The fact that he opened the door and, surprise surprise, it only opened like ten inches … Continue reading

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Imagine that…

so…I actually have a career. You don’t have to like my page if you don’t like it but I’d appreciate your strolling on by:

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Political (In)correctness

Overzealous much, or genius?  What do you think?

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To The Youth of Africa

“Your legacy of independence and freedom is an unquestioned and inevitable and inalienable heritage. Your challenge is to create a new Africa based upon the oneness of all her diverse people and their united growth and development in happiness and prosperity. If you … Continue reading

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Gangster Rhetoric: Mindset of a Gangster

First and foremost, a gangster is not something you put on. It’s not clothes, its not chains, its not just money. A gangster is on the inside. A gangster is experiences; a gangster is reality and not theory. A lawyer … Continue reading

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Political Correctness (upgraded)

This one’s for you gnomevomit  

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