Gangster Rhetoric: Mindset of a Gangster

First and foremost, a gangster is not something you put on. It’s not clothes, its not chains, its not just money. A gangster is on the inside. A gangster is experiences; a gangster is reality and not theory. A lawyer can be a lawyer without experience but a gangster cannot be a gangster without being tested in real life. A gangster is principled. A gangster is disciplined around certain core values which determine every action. A true gangster does not diverge from these principles no matter the situation because to do that is to be a hypocrite and to be a hypocrite is to lose respect and to a gangster respect is everything. One cannot be a gangster without commanding respect. A gangster knows jail is imminent; a gangster lives in the valley of the shadow of death by his peers so even death cannot shake a gangster from principles. This is what a gangster has over the average being. A gangster is the divergence from the common worldview. Unless something goes against a stated principle vice is not vice but merely another means of turning a profit. “…whatever a man has is his only so long as he can keep it, and that the one who takes it away from him has not done anything wrong, but merely demonstrated his smartness.”- Herbert Asbury.

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