Press that Green Button

I hate making excuses- not because I walk some higher moral ground-but because I hate transferring power over me to someone else. The minute I (carelessly) make some pledge or other, say….”I’ll call you”, I must fulfill it, even if I hate every agonising minute, before the call, spent psyching myself up for it. The thing is, more likely than not, I will come across this person again in life, and when that happens I’ll know, and they will know, that I was supposed to call and didn’t, so, inevitably, I will be obliged to offer an explanation and because not only is “I didn’t feel like calling” not an acceptable answer in polite society but also shows one as a hypocrite for making an insincere pledge in the first place, one must, necessarily, inflate one’s busy-ness a hundred per cent; one must parade around one’s carelessness with phones which causes them to lose numbers; one must call on that day trip out of town to account for a whole month’s silence-basically, one must put on a whole circus just to placate a possible confrontation. For me, one thought of this awkward degradation is enough motivation to press that green button.

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