Kwa-a-acha! (kwacha!)

Seems like another lifetime since he found us literally naked; another lifetime since their stupid federation. Who is to be blamed for our lack of progression now that it seems we have to beg for even our daily bread? Today, we are steady consuming, never a kwacha invested in tomorrow. Big spending, small thinking, got us more dependent now that we are independent.

Kamuzu, is this why you came back to give us, the Africans of this country, our own independent form of government?
Chilembwe, was it worth picking up the guns?

And you, Rose? Is it still be an honour to be the first female minister?

Mr Sangala was it worth the sacrifice?

Inkosi Gomani, can you clarify your role?

Since you are the longest standing, Mbelwa, can you tell me where we went wrong?

Another lifetime since we were mbumba za ma President; never thought there would be a time in life when a mumba would be a President.

I hear they used to huddle up, secret meetings, igniting change; now all they want is to burn tax payers’ change. More than that, we think all our problems can be solved Overseas and we’ve forgotten why since 1915 the rebellion never ceased. Now we beg them to subsidise our budget 40%; we are so proud, instead of working together like brethren, we feel money should rain down on us like manna from heaven. I guess to us it is heaven; even now that we have built their nations, and they no longer need us, excluding us with their visas, we still weasel our way in saying, “Better to be a janitor in your house, Lord, than a king in my own.”


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