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Conversations with A Little Figment of My Imagination

A Little Figment of My Imagination: What are you on about in  your (facebook) status? Having man problems Me: What Status? What does it say? A Little Figment of My Imagination: Something about employees stealing and men. Me: (Remembers status … Continue reading

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Just Eat A Banana

  “I say u cant just plan to have oral sex. Oral sex is a bit eeeeew. You know there is throatal gonorrhea out there, and do u plan to have it with rubber? Do u know that even if he … Continue reading

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Inspirations From Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein said, ‘The destiny of civilized humanity depends more than ever on the moral forces it is capable of generating.’ It is not my belief, as past generations like to posit, that there has been moral decay over the … Continue reading

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