Inspirations From Albert Einstein

Inspirations from Albert EinsteinII

Albert Einstein said, ‘The destiny of civilized humanity depends more than ever on the moral forces it is capable of generating.’
It is not my belief, as past generations like to posit, that there has been moral decay over the years, culminating in ‘the youth of today’; rather, I believe that not as much has been expended on moral progression as on technological advancement, and thus we find ourselves too immature to handle that which is meant to ease life. Cellphones are a big one. Whereas, it is universally known and understood that a child must not play with a knife, and it is accepted that using a knife to assist one in the kitchen is good, but using it to kill another (all things being equal) is bad, technological advancement has not brought with it a manual on the moral use of cellphones versus the wrong, so we find, in some cultures it is alright to take a call in the presence of company; and in different households of the same culture others are allowed to browse their facebooks via their smartphones at the dinner table; still, others find it appalling to give more attention to their Blackberries than a person they are hanging out with in the flesh, until they go to Chameleon and find all five of their friends who are sitting at the table are only giving a token of their attention to real time before bowing their heads down again to the Holy Grail in their hands. To which, any sane, integrity-keeping human responds in kind and takes out their daft phone to scroll up and down their phonebook, reread ten times, the ten text messages their under-par brick which used to pass for a phone 5 years ago, is able to store, before accepting that they are being daft and need to get a phone as smart as the times  since ‘hanging out aint hanging out’ until you can accessorise your conversation with squeals of what so ‘n’ so statused on facebook, talk about what’s trending on twitter, take a minute to answer that-guy-you-never-have-anything-to-talk-to-about-in-person’s all important ‘hi’, or all of the above.  
It would seem where advances in telecommunications, internet, social networks, are supposed to bring the human race closer and make the world one big giant community, they have only torn us further apart, isolated us from our neighbour, stripped us of face to face social etiquette, and made us slaves of the very things that are supposed to make our lives easier and happy.

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