Hope is in the Youth


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I, too, am persuaded that our only hope (where that combination of four letters is the embodiment of corruption not being the order of the day, of a lack of complacency in our attitude, of a lack of laxity in the delivery of services, of…development) is in the youth, and most likely not even my generation; our fathers and mothers have already failed us beyond redemption. They have instilled in us that fatal worship of acquisitive success that gives Tay Grin five thousand followers and Lawi only five because one has a benz and the other is struggling to meet ends.
But we do have something over our parents; and that is witnessing the ruin of corruption: to both the exploiter and exploitee. We have seen Presidents gain billions at the expense of a fuel drained economy only to lose their lives, we have seen brilliant doctors abandon already constrained hospitals in search of personal glory, only to become glorified puppets, we have seen the media obscure truths, musicians turn into mouthpieces of propaganda. And we have seen them rise; and we have seen them fall. And this has led us to inherited a bullshit economy.
Perhaps it’s too late for my generation not to covet the Malawian dream of a Range Rover and an over ambitious house in Area 44. So since only less than one percent of the nation can really afford that on an honest salary we will continue pilfering where we can, the bank teller will continue to bemoan the shitty services of our shitty free hospitals while the nurse bemoans the shitty customer service of the shitty over charging banks, and I’ll pay off that traffic officer with MK1000 for that MK5000 speeding ticket because it does not tally with my salary, and I will console myself with the fact that either way it would have ended up in someone’s pocket whether at the spot check or at the Ministry of Finance. Then I will get on my high chair, log onto facebook, My Malawi-My views, and bemoan corrupt politicians and their corrupt attitudes.
But like a prostitute selling every night just so her daughter doesn’t have to go through the same thing, let’s teach our children differently. Let’s teach them a fuller kind of success: love of achievements over lusting after acquisitions.

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