I Still Lost Him

Forgot to post this:

I still lost him
Worried so much about her that I didnt see when the next girl grooved him
The man wasn’t happy and I thought the solution was to get vexed
Not knowing I’d get rowdy with one while he jumped onto the next
Never once blaming my lack-lustre flex
Nor the boring sex
I just worried about who is paying his pention
And never noticed he needed some attention
Concentrated more on highlighting his faults than doing anything to please him
‘I am making him a better man,’ I said
So he found another to come to his aid
It’s ironic I thought the best way to get my way was to withhold it
When a man’s life lacks something, he will hunt for it
He wanted to stray
And he found a way
No matter how I tried to catch him out
No matter how many times I went through his phone or caused a bout
Who do I blame for that?
Did she wreck my life?
He presented her with a choice all she did was choose it
There was that one time I found another woman in his kitchen making him lunch
I fretted so much to the point that I learned how to make something other than punch
In the end I was grateful
Sometimes a little insecurity can cure a great fool
Like when I act confused about what I want
And someone else swoops in who has a ready mind,
He lied to both of us like a rat
But how can I blame her for that?
Would I really feel fulfilled if I gave her a smack?
I told her to leave him alone
And she sent him back home
But nothing in my house had changed so I still lost him
Anyway, I still lost him. – as inspired by Tanya Stephens

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