The first thing you should know about me is that I hate “About” sections; it’s not that I don’t know ‘about me’ and suffering from some existential crisis or that I am still trying to find myself. On the contrary, I have a very strong, vague, sense of ‘who I am’. It’s just that there is so much and I can be so wordy that I don’t know what it is that people would be interested in; for example, should I be clinical and put my age; sex; hometown; etc or put how many times I shit a day-is it even appropriate? (for the record, girls don’t actually shit so please DISREGARD)

And what is appropriate? This is something I really struggle with. This year I have made up my mind to be appropriate-this BLOG is a child of this initiative. I would always write extra-long statuses on Facebook (one of my favourite places to hang out online) and I realised this is inappropriate since I would always get comments like “too long to read” so I decided to start a blog which is an appropriate place to be wordy. Beyond that, I have a sense of the content of what I write about being inappropriate-only because people tell me it is- but I can’t pinpoint it exactly. “I” feel like I am appropriate; I don’t go around telling people they are ugly or daft, or that they smell, nor do I go around acting obstinately, or loud in quiet places –THAT is inappropriate, yet some still think I think/ write inappropriately, so this year I am prepared to be persuaded away from any inappropriateness, if only I can be shown what is inappropriate.

A better deal would be to just read my blog. You will get more than your share of “About Me”.

Oh, oh, it just hit me: maybe this “About” section is supposed to be what the ‘blog’ is about and not about me; well, the blog is about what interests me so in an indirect way, “About Me”


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