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When I check the situation I see something wrong with it

Forgot to post this: When I check the situation I see something wrong with it Telling us to come back And providing no jobs is like leading me to the slaughter Knowing there are thousands of youth who cannot earn … Continue reading

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♫I’m in the mix…♫

There are several things that have been holding me in the bondage of indecision. 1)The phrases ‘in essence’ and ‘ in a sense’, though in actuality meaning different things if precision is to be called upon, I find to be … Continue reading

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However, In Defense of the Bastard…

It started as a bluff; I wrote on FaceBook, sincerely, about a boy who had just performed an act of chivalry on my behalf: Fiona O’Dala Dear Facebook, Today I’ve known the man I am going to marry. *Caution: This … Continue reading

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On: “Is Science Coming to an End?”

Inspired by On Giants Shoulders pg 343 “The more you discover, the less there is to discover”-John Horgan In the absolute sense, yes (in a finite existence because if we bring in the argument of an expanding universe then it … Continue reading

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