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If I was the marrying type, this is the man I, definitely, should have married. I have never been more secure in a friendship of a romantic nature. This security includes never being insecure about whether he wants to see … Continue reading

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I Don’t Understand How People Don’t Understand “I don’t understand”

I don’t understand how people don’t understand the phrase “I don’t understand”. Usually, when I say it, I mean I am prepared to be persuaded regarding the thing I do not understand; my mind is receptive to all explanations. However, … Continue reading

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However, In Defense of the Bastard…

It started as a bluff; I wrote on FaceBook, sincerely, about a boy who had just performed an act of chivalry on my behalf: Fiona O’Dala Dear Facebook, Today I’ve known the man I am going to marry. *Caution: This … Continue reading

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