Women’s Turn

To all of you
On behalf of all of us

Kundifunsila wekha
Kenako kumangondisiya ndekha
Then complain when my mouth runs a-muck
Tell me what the fuck
Did you think was going to happen?
Thinking you can appease me with a buck
“Ukuvuta chani?
Kukonda nkhani
Chilichonse ndima gula”
Mxxxi mudzikula
Do you seriously think we get off on all that nagging?
And if your answer is yes then examine what you are lacking
If we enjoy the nagging it’s because you don’t provide us with no good alternative
Wanting to spend more time with you is our motive
You said you’d be home by five
And I gave you two extra hours for you and your boys to get live
At 8 I become a nag because I’ve started calling
You don’t answer because you say you don’t want any quarrelling
12 O’clock and my man still is not home
He is not answering his phone
I am all alone
I am just supposed to know that he is alright
And when he comes stumbling in at 3 not put up a fight
After my unsolicited, unbeneficial sleepless night
I am just supposed to roll over
Bite my tongue, swallow my tears, and throw off the cover
Take it as part of my lot for being a woman
It’s all God’s plan

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