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Thomas Paine’s Age of Reason

Like a choir girl that has just had her 1st visit to the tattoo parlour or a school boy after his first champagne I find myself irresistibly drawn to this vocation; the vocation of critiquing literary works-others’ , of course. ” The Age … Continue reading

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Of Prophets and Prophecies

Of course, I believe in prophecy. The son of David, in Proverbs, continually warns against scoffing; Thomas Didim’s doubt is made an example of. Re: The recent prophecy about the state of health of an African Head of State which … Continue reading

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On: “Is Science Coming to an End?”

Inspired by On Giants Shoulders pg 343 “The more you discover, the less there is to discover”-John Horgan In the absolute sense, yes (in a finite existence because if we bring in the argument of an expanding universe then it … Continue reading

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